New Week - New  Newsletter! Week 8 - I.F. Supplements

New Week - New Newsletter! Week 8

New Week - New  Newsletter!
Hey everyone, so this is week 8 of our awesome Newsletters from
Indisputable Fitness and IF Supplements.
Let's do this!
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 8
This Weeks Advice:
How to Stay Motivated Through Winter?
We all probably noticed that evenings are getting darker, colder and wetter. It's getting harder to get out for that run or make it to the gym and don't even get me started on those home workouts, Joe Wicks definitely got replaced by Netflix by now. So what to do? How to stay motivated when motivation is just nowhere to be found?!
Well first of all, don't be too hard on yourself! It's ok to not be 100% all the time. It's ok to skip a session or two sometimes. But let's try to keep those good habits we spent time building going and have at least few workouts here and there. 
To keep you motivated here are few things you can consider:
1) Any activity is better than no activity. Didn't make it to the gym? Just go for a walk after work. Take your partner or a dog with you to keep you company. Can't go for a walk? Walk up and down the stair 10-20 times. Looks weird but get's your heart rate up. The main goal is to move, so go on and move.
2) Mix it up. Getting bored of your routine? Change it. Find a new workout online. Ask a personal trainer to make you one. Change your running route. Go dancing. Go join a class at your local gym. Bring that fun back into your workout.
3) Find a workout buddy. Nothing pushes you as hard somebody training with you. Training with someone can be more fun and engaging. 
4) Plan your workout in advance. It's easier to stick to the plan when you have a plan!
5) Find a good playlist. Nothing gets you as worked up as your favourite tune while working out. We all know that feeling when your song hits the headphones and you are just ready to lift or run faster.

January is just around the corner! The rush of motivation we all get in January is just amazing! Hopefully soon we all will be buzzing around the busy gym ready to make it our year, but for now stay positive, stay happy and smile more, winter will come and pass in no time. 
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 8
Fitness Tip of the Week:
Do Your Burpees!
What is wrong with you Marius?!?!Yes you heard it right, I said Burpees! So burpees seem to be getting a really bad reputation these days. Everyone is complaining when you put them on their workout or even straight up refusing to do them. But burpees actually are really good for you! They are a bit like those veggies on your plate, you might not enjoy them as much as a steak but they are good for you. What's so good about those damn burpees you ask!? Well here it is:
1) Burpees burn loads of calories (20min of burpees should roughly burn 250cal)
2) Burpees offer full body workout. With a burpee you hit your your legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, chest, and shoulders. Sounds like a good deal to me!
3) Burpees will improve your stamina and help you burn more fat. Burpees are classed as HIIT training (High-Intensity Interval Training) which has been shown to be one of most efficient training methods for overall fitness and fat loss.
4) You can do burpees anywhere. No equipment is needed and it's easy to make them harder or easier if needed.
5) Burpees are cool! People will think you're mad if you just start dropping those burpees into every session you do!
So here you go, stop giving burpees all that negativity and go do yours!!
Check out this crazy workout called Death by Burpees to take your workout to the next level!!  
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 8
Supplement of the Week:
It tastes like it sounds. But it actually is really good for you. Spirulina is one of the worlds most popular supplements and it's been around for centuries. Even Aztecs used spirulina in their daily diet. Because it is growing both in salt and fresh water it's packed with all sorts of nutrients, B class vitamins, protein, iron and zinc being just a few. Spirulina is classed as super food. The benefits of 1-10 grams of spirulina can be:1) Protection against oxidative damage to your body. Spirulina is powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant.
2) Lower your bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels. 
3) May reduce high blood pressure.
4) May improve muscle strength and endurance.

These and many more are positive affects of taking spirulina. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely getting some now.
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 8New Week - New Newsletter! Week 8
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 8
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