New Week - New  Newsletter! Week 3 - I.F. Supplements

New Week - New Newsletter! Week 3

New Week - New  Newsletter!
Hey everyone, so this is week 3 of our awesome Newsletters from
Indisputable Fitness and IF Supplements.
Let's do this!
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 3
Fitness World News:
Paris Marathon is back on track and is happening on 17th of October 2021.
This is a big event for a running community. Loads of people will be participating this year, running for themselves and supporting their chosen charities. I myself am not much of a runner (usually 10k is my kind of run), but I am amazed by the dedication and conviction of people who will be participating in the Paris Marathon this weekend. We wish best of luck to everyone  who is a part of this amazing event and a big shout out is going to Mark Deeming from Made Fit Personal Training who is participating in the event this year. We know you'll do great Mark and we are all very proud of you!! 
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 3
Fitness Tip of the Week:!!
Sixpack Shortcuts Below!!
Now that I have got your attention- there is no shortcuts to sixpack! Unfortunately it is plain and simple hard work and dedication. There is no magic pill or exercise or a belt like in the picture.  What you can do though is:*Stay in calorific deficit. Usually around 300-500cal daily. The goal is to gradually reduce bodyfat so the abdominal muscles become visible. Abs start showing from 15% and below for Men and  20% and below for Women.

*Drink plenty of water. I recommend 2-3 liters through the day. Water is amazing and easy tool to use for fat loss. Drinking plenty of water helps your body to cleanse and function properly.

* Do your compound lifts, like squats and deadlifts and other as well as core work. Remember that you need to work abdominal muscles in a same principle as you would work biceps or quads for growth. If you can do 100s of reps of crunches you are working for endurance and not growth. Make your core work more engaging. Do hanging core work or use a weight to do your crunches. 

* Be patient and consistent. This is probably the most important point in any routine, for any goal! Nothing happens overnight. Results take time. Be patient, put in the effort and don't get discouraged. If you really want it, you will achieve it!
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 3
Supplement of the Week:
Whey Protein!
Why Protein is great! We love Whey Protein!
Here are few benefits of taking whey protein among many:
1. Whey is an excellent source of high quality protein. Not all protein is made the same and some is much better than the rest, hence why when choosing protein go Whey. Remember if you compromise on a quality of your supplements, you are compromising on a quality of your health.
2.Whey protein promotes muscle growth and boy we want those muscles to grow! Protein is a main building block of your muscles. Trying to build muscle without protein is like trying to build a house without bricks! We need around 1.5-2.5g of protein per kilo of body weight daily to create optimal growth. We should aim to divide it through whole day and only consume about 25-30g with each meal. That is allot of protein to hit with meals through the day and that's where Whey protein comes in the picture. 1-3 shakes a day could easily give you that much needed top up of 25-75g of protein making it easier on your digestive system. Needless to say protein alone will not build muscles as stimulus is needed for growth. So don't forget to get your reps in as well. Building muscles without actually exercising is like building the house without builders.
3. Whey protein is very filling! Which means you probably will snack less between your meals and avoid those extra calories, which should lead to reduction in body fat/ weight loss. So drink your protein, stay lean, stay clean, stay happy!
Next week we will cover the difference and quality of different Whey Protein
Want to know more about how great protein is?!? check out the article below from on benefits of protein. 
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 3
This Weeks links:
Menfulness- An inclusive social community for men in York. Check them out! The work these guys do is life altering for so many of us who need help.
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 3
Jump Rope Coach Chris- Ever wondered where I got my super cool rope from?!? This is the guy! Check him out, his ropes are great and his skills are even better!
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 3
NEW💥BOOTCAMP 💥 with @helencharlotte_fitness for early morning higher achievers! Thursdays 06:45-07:30 from 28th of October!! Go check it out!
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 3
New Week - New Newsletter! Week 3
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