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New Week - New Newsletter!

Hey everyone, week 2 Newsletter of January 2022 from
Indisputable Fitness and IF SupplementsNew Week - New Newsletter!

The Power of Power Naps!

Late nights and early mornings been kicking your butt? Feeling tired and sleepy all the time?

Have a nap! Or even better- A POWER NAP!
Lack of sleep can have a very negative impact on your body and mind. Some research suggests that 6 hours or less sleep triples your risk of a car accident. In a perfect world you should sleep 7-9 hours, but who has time for that?! So why not to try and squeeze in a 20-60min power nap somewhere through the day? Studies show that 20 minutes of sleep in the afternoon provides more rest than 20 minutes more sleep in the morning. Power nap will help you to have more patience, less stress, better reaction time, increased learning, more efficiency, and better health. So grab your pillow, set your alarm and NAP.

New Week - New Newsletter!Fitness Tip of the Week:
Progress Pics

A picture is worth a thousand words! Especially on the days when you really need a kind word. One of the best ways to track you progress by far is taking a picture. Your weight might not be changing and the scales might not be budging at all but there is change happening which is not visible on daily basics. Believe it or not my weight has not changed for over a year but my body composition changed drastically. This is what progress pictures are great for! Comparing your current self and your past is the best way to motivate yourself to be a better future self. So go take a selfie in the mirror and make your future self proud.

New Week - New Newsletter!

Supplement of the Week


What are nootropics?? 

Nootropics- also known as ‘’Smart Drugs’’ are drugs, supplements, and other substances that are claimed to improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation in healthy individuals. There are loads of different type of Nootropic supplements both natural, coming from plants and herbs and synthetic, created in the lab environment. Nootropics are amazing for individuals who lead busy lives with mentally demanding jobs. I have been using nootropics for some time and they really help me on the days when I'm doing paperwork. They keep my mind sharp and focused and definitively improve my creativity. If you need a mental boost I highly recommend trying nootropics. 

New Week - New Newsletter!New Week - New Newsletter!

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