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New Week - New Newsletter!

 Festive Newsletter Edition from
Indisputable Fitness and IF Supplements is here!New Week - New Newsletter!

This Weeks Advice:

Be Happy With What You Get!


Be it a Christmas gift under the tree or anything else in your life, be happy with what you get. Being content with your life and practising gratitude daily is the best thing you can gift from yourself to yourself. In todays world of consumerism we are taught to always want more and more. New phone, new car, new house, new job, just new new new all the time... We are constantly chasing for that Dopamine rush (happy hormone) we get with something new in our lives. Isn't it exhausting to always want more? Isn't it time to slow down and just be happy for a little bit? Try stopping, looking around to see what you already have and being thankful for that for a change. Remember being content doesn't mean not having any ambitions in life, you can still strive to have more, it just means that while trying to achieve more in your life you are actually happy at the present with what you have and who you are. Don't wait for things to fall in line to be happy, be happy and things will fall in line. New Week - New Newsletter!

Happy Christmas
You Amazing People!


I would like to use this opportunity to wish everyone of you happy, merry, jolly, lovely, amazing Christmas! This year was definitely the one to remember, but through adversity we grow. You might have had a good year, you might have had a bad year, but thankfully this year is coming to an end. January is just around the corner and life will get busy again, but for now let's spend our Christmas with family, friends and loved ones. Let's light a candle for the ones we remember and the ones we forgot. Hope this time will bring some peace and happiness to you and everyone around you. New Week - New Newsletter!

Supplement of the Week:

Brussel Sprouts

I am just as shocked as you are! Apparently these little devil fruits are good for you! Brussel Sprouts are:

  • High in nutrients. They contain vitamins K,C,A, Folate, Manganese. And on top of that they are quite low on calories 78g of cooked sprouts contain only 28 calories.

  • Rich in antioxidants. Brussels sprouts contain kaempferol, an antioxidant that may reduce cancer growth, decrease inflammation and promote heart health.

  •  High in Fiber. Just a half cup (78 grams) of cooked Brussels sprouts contains 2 grams of fiber, fulfilling up to 8% of your daily fiber needs

  • Contain ALA omega-3 Fatty Acids. If you don't eat fish, get your omega-3 from sprouts.

  • May reduce inflammation. Antioxidants in Brussel sprouts have anti inflammatory properties.

For these amazing properties Brussel sprout is our choice for a supplement of the week. So make sure to get an extra serving of sprouts on your Christmas dinner plate!


New Week - New Newsletter!New Week - New Newsletter!

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