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New Week - New Newsletter!

Hey everyone, week 3 Newsletter of January 2022 from Team IF!
Here we go!New Week - New Newsletter!

How Much Calories Should You Eat?


So the simple answer is that there is no simple answer. How many calories you should eat depends on your age, metabolism, levels of physical activity and most importantly your goal ( weight loss or weight gain). Generally, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men, but that is such a rough estimate that it probably not suitable for most people. So what are calories and what can affect the amount we need?

Calories are a measure of how much energy food or drink contains. The amount of energy you need will depend on:

  • your age – for example, growing children and teenagers may need more energy

  • your lifestyle – for example, how active you are

  • your size – your height and weight can affect how quickly you use energy

Other factors can also affect how much energy you burn. For example:

  • some hormones (chemicals produced by the body) – such as thyroid hormones

  • some medicines – such as glucocorticoids, a type of steroid used to treat inflammation

  • being unwell

So if you are healthy individual with no factors that could affect your energy levels you can roughly calculate your total daily calorie expenditure and then decide how much you should eat depending on your goal. To count my calories I use a website called as I found that it gives my the best and most accurate information. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.New Week - New Newsletter!

Fitness Tip of the Week:
Set a Goal That Really Excites You

If it doesn't excite you it won't change you! Simple as that. Be it fitness, personal life, business or any other goals in your life- they should excite the life out of you. If you choose a box standard goal, the generic '' I think I want to'' or ''it would be nice to'' you won't get far!! If the stimulus is not strong enough you will stop at the first hurdle! So make your goal big! Make it amazing! Make people turn their heads and say ''excuse me what did you just say'' when they hear about your goal! You should get excited about it every day! Remember if it doesn't make you want to jump out of bed every morning, you probably don't want it hard enough. Dream big and be happy!New Week - New Newsletter!

Supplement of the Week
Vitamin K

Vitamin K is an important nutrient that plays a vital role in blood clotting and bone and heart health. Vitamin K is actually a group of vitamins that body needs to help heal the wounds. Vitamin K can be found in green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, cereal grains and some meat and dairy products. So how much of vitamin K do you need? Adults need approximately 1 microgram a day of vitamin K for each kilogram of their body weight. Most of us should be able to get our vitamin K through our diet, but if you really struggle you can take vitamin K supplements. There is no known side effects from taking too much vitamin K. Check out this article on with 20 foods which are high in vitamin K

New Week - New Newsletter!New Week - New Newsletter!

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